Saturday, 16 February 2013

Present Continuous

The Present Continuous

FORM: [am/is/are + present participle]
1. We use the present continuous tense for activities that are happening just now.
Examples: I am doing some English exercises at the moment. You aren't listening! Why is he sitting here?

2. We use it for an action happening about this time (today, this week), but not necessarily at the moment of speaking. It is a temporary activity.
Examples: I am in London. I am staying at the hotel. (But just now you can be somewhere else.)
She can't go out. She is writing her essay today. (But she can be having lunch at the moment.) You can't borrow this book today. Mary is reading it. (But not right now.)

3. With a future time expression (soon, on Monday) it is used for definite arrangements in the near future. The continuous tense is more personal than the simple, because it expresses the speaker's plan.
I am leaving soon. We are meeting on Monday.

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